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Take a gander at it. It's the most recent submission in 'Games'.


Warning: Unorganized as heck.

Hey there Newgrounds.

2015-01-04 17:19:09 by somespammer224

It's been a bit.

Here's the BETA for the Madness Scene Creator 3, it still needs work, but let me know if anyone still cares

about it.

New Madness Scene Creator Coming!

2014-04-28 18:42:47 by somespammer224

Madness: TSC 3


Yep, That's right. I'm starting it at the time this post was made, oh wait! One more thing, tiny little thing to say. It will be -COMPLETELY- community based. I put in the script, you tell me what you want in it, it gets done!


Confirmed Features

1. Rotating (Hold down Arrow Key for Smooth Rotation)

2. Flipping (Shift)

3. Mute Button

4. Background Selection

Possible Features

1. Song Selection

2. ???





1. Over 34 Backgrounds

2. Hank Wimbleton (MC4 .MC5, MC7)


3. Deimos (MC9, MC6.5)


4. Sanford (MC9)


5. Jebus (MC5, MC6, MC7, MC8)


6. Auditor (MC8)


7. Grunts, Agents, and ATP Agents


8. 15+ Blood Effects


9. Muzzle Flashes


10. Bloody heads and Bodies


12. 75 Weapons


13. Accessories (Glasses, Armor, Hats)


14. 2 Vehicles (Including A Helicopter)


15. Scenery (Posters, Tables, TV's. Ect.)


Now in the comments you tell me what you want in the scene creator, and I'll put it in! Simple as that!

I mean, I don't wanna waste time on something nobody wants so, take a look at my latest two scene creators, (they're way better than the earlier ones) and decide if you want me to make another one and what features to add.

The Assassin Movie

2013-04-06 03:38:41 by somespammer224

Out of the blue...take a look at my movies. Rate five.

Happy New Years!

2013-01-01 03:56:49 by somespammer224

Scene Creators are doing strong, I'll get at least two of them released by the 21st.
'Fore I get them finished, anyone want to lay down ideas for the Ultimate Madness Scene Creator?

Im back.

2012-10-29 21:20:46 by somespammer224

Probably shoulda worded my last post a little differently. However, I will stick to my word and make
1. A Dad Scene Creator
2. Something that Isnt a Madness Scene Creator (You guys decide what)
3. Zombie Scene Creator
4. A Madness Ultra Ultimate Scene Creator :\
5. A Madness Combat 1 Scene Creator

New scene creator ideas

2012-08-29 21:21:58 by somespammer224

I will turn the first 5 ideas into madness scene creators.

Madness interactive story

2012-06-07 03:25:19 by somespammer224

Try it out guys... 42

Bob:Episode 2

2012-04-22 10:59:43 by somespammer224

its about halfway done...

Bob:Episode 2